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What Made Illuminations Scented Candles Great?

Here is the secret about illuminations candle success - The Illuminations candle company was the first company to blend their scented candles  with Soy Vegetable Wax. Their vegetable wax was the base for excellent scent throw and the perfect evenly melting candle pool. CandleShop.Com stands behind our brand Soy Serenity to continue where Illuminations ended !!!

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Acai Berry

Noni Fruit

Nectarine Mint

Wild Phlox

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Attention : Looking For Illuminations Scented Candles?  

Illuminations.Com is now owned by Serenity Candle Company   (

We all remember the great candle company Illuminations from their online website to their beautiful retail stores. In 2006 the company "Illuminations" was sold to a major candle company and then the rest is history. We remember the quality placed in their candles and brand, at Serenity Candle Company we place the same dedication in our soy serenity scented candles made with the finest essential oils and earth friendly ingredients. The brand "illuminations" will never be around again, it's our commitment to you to continue where they left off.                                                                          


A little about our company. "Serenity Candle Company", we are a candle manufacturing company based in New York State. Our Candle brand  "Soy Serenity" is a 100% vegetable soy based candle. All of our earth friendly candles are hand-poured to insure the highest quality candle possible.

Candle Shop online candle store is your resource to buy Soy Serenity Soy Candles, w/ free shipping on all candles, scented candles, soy candles, candle gifts and distinctive home décor colored candles. Every jar candle, votive candle, pillar candle, floating candle, and every soy serenity brand candle feature the finest ingredients made with premium essential oils; every candle is manufactured to the highest standard for quality and design. Serenity Candle Company candles are the longest-lasting candles, most well-balanced soy candles you will ever buy; each candle will burn impeccably when properly maintained. Your candle purchase is assured, as every soy candle by Soy Serenity is backed by our unconditional money-back guarantee.